Meet the Staff

Kelsey Arcelay - Regional Property Manager

Kelsey is responsible for managing the daily operations and activities at all of the properties. She directly oversees the staff and actively partakes in the daily activities associated with leasing, advertising, collections, tenant & vendor relations, policy enforcement, and the overall safety and well-being of our tenants and communities.

Hamdy Agha - Administrative Leasing Agent

Hamdy is on site at the Aspen community located in Whitehall. He assists with managing that property as well as those properties located in Emmaus, Allentown and surrounding areas. His primary responsibilities include leasing, handling tenant matters, collections and advertising but also provides assistance in other operational areas such as vendor coordination, unit flips and inspections.

Enmanuel Castillo - Administrative Leasing Agent

Our customers and guests are greeted by Enmanuel at our Corporate office located in Bethlehem. He is the primary point of contact for tenant relations and is always readily available to provide assistance with any questions or requests. Enmanuel handles the majority of our inbound and outbound calls, and plays a significant role in maintaining our successful tenant and vendor relationships. In addition he is directly involved with leasing, inspections, utility coordination and general administrative tasks.

Alyssa Chrush - Lead Property Manager (Easton Area)

Alyssa is the onsite Property Manager for Liberty Park Apartments. A few of her responsibilities include advertising and leasing, inspection coordination, maintenance organization involving unit renovations and turnovers as well as daily maintenance issues. She also assists with tenant affairs and oversees daily operations within her community as well as surrounding buildings and communities. Alyssa is the principal Manager in the Easton area and oversees and leads the staff in that territory.

Megan Wilson - On Site Property Manager (Easton Area)

Megan is located on site at the Heritage Hills apartment complex and is responsible for overseeing the daily operations within the community. Some of her responsibilities include advertising and leasing, handling tenant and vendor affairs as well as overseeing and organizing maintenance activities within the complex. Megan also plays a key role in ensuring tenants safety within the community and assists in keeping all areas of the building and its premises up to the City code standards. In addition, Megan may at times be found assisting in the management of other properties located primarily in the Easton area.

Rick Bogdanski - Leasing Agent

Rick is our primary Leasing Agent for all single family homes in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas as well as multi-family dwellings in the Bethlehem and Freemansburg area. Responsible for advertisements and promotions, Rick plays a key role in the overall marketing efforts of the company. He also develops the concepts for home interior and construction designs related to capital improvement projects.

Afton Wister - Manager of Accounting Operations

Afton is the head of the Accounting Department and oversees & approves all transactions related to tenant and vendor ledger accounts. She maintains and analyzes all financial activities related to accounts receivables and payables to ensure proper financial reporting. She is responsible for calculating spending and profit and loss and verifying and reconciling all accounts associated with all of the managed properties.

Vinutha Gowda - Financial Record-Keeper

Vinutha is part of the Accounting Department and is responsible for the proper recording and tracking of the managed accounts. She mainly focuses on the daily accounts payables, but also contributes to the operations of accounts receivable.

Matija Kurek - Regional Project Manager

Matija leads the operations of all single and multi-phased construction projects. He is responsible for developing plans and coordinating tasks to ensure timely completion. Matija is also responsible for meeting specific project budgets and serves as quality control during the key stages of all assignments. He directly oversees all general contractors as well as the maintenance staff.

Brian Bozilesky - Project Manager - Berks County

Brian is responsible for coordinating internal resources and third party vendors for the execution of all capital improvement projects within the Berks County portfolio. He develops and executes plans, and manages schedules and costs to ensure that all projects are delivered on-time, within scope and within budget.

Fernando Rivera - Maintenance Tech
Territory I

Fernando is the Maintenance Tech responsible for Territory I which consists of properties located in the Allentown area. He is responsible for maintaining and repairing all homes and multi-family dwellings located within his district. Fernando is part of our after hour emergency staff and as such, may often times be found assisting in other territories due to after hour emergencies or based on business needs.

David Robles - Maintenance Tech Territory II & IV

David is the Maintenance Tech responsible for Territory II & IV which consists of properties located in Allentown, Salisbury Township & Emmaus. He is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all single family homes and multi-family dwellings located withing his territory. David contributes to after hour maintenance emergencies and as such, may often times perform services outside of his assigned territory.

Nick Varsamas - Maintenance Tech
Territory III

Nick is the Maintenance Tech responsible for Territory III which is comprised of Hellertown & Bethlehem. He is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all single family homes and multi-family dwellings located within his territory. Nick too may often times be found servicing the needs of residents outside of his territory based on business needs and after hour emergency maintenance services.

Mike Albajali - Maintenance Tech
Territory V

Mike is the Maintenance Tech responsible for Territory V which includes properties located in Whitehall, Coplay and Northampton. Mike’s primary responsibility is to maintain and handle repair and maintenance matters at the Aspen community, but also actively partakes in the maintenance efforts in surrounding areas both based on business needs as well as due to after hour emergency maintenance services.

Shawn O’Donnell - Maintenance Tech
Territory VI

Shawn is the Maintenance Tech responsible primarily for the Liberty Park Apartments located in Easton. He is also the primary Technician that services other properties located in the Easton area, as well as assists in Territory VII when necessary. Shawn contributes to our after hour maintenance emergency efforts and therefore may be seen servicing the needs of our residents outside his assigned territory.

Elijah Delgadillo – Maintenance Tech
Territory VII

Elijah is the onsite Maintenance Tech responsible for all repair and maintenance as well as preventative services at Heritage Hills, located in Easton. Elijah also assists in Territory VI when necessary as well as all other service areas when on call.